Yesterday, we received notice of the upcoming schedule of workshops that Peter Levesque is leading at the at the Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Ottawa.

The core of the emerging portfolio of knowledge mobilization courses is Translating Research into Policy and Practice. This two-day workshop will be given: October 17-18, 2011, January 18-19, 2012, and May 28-29, 2012.

A new course that is currently in development is Social Medias for Government Employees. This one-day workshop will be given: October 24, 2011, January 25, 2012 and May 1,2012.


Translating Research into Policy and Practice

Today’s researchers understand it’s no longer enough to do research, write up the results and present them at a conference of like-minded peers.  The work has to be mobilized – out of the ivory tower and into the hands and minds of those who will use it to shape emerging policies and practices.  The speed of global change means this process of knowledge translation, transfer or exchange has to happen quickly and continuously so that research can be used before its shelf life expires.

During this two-day workshop, you will learn about how to collaborate with stakeholders, policymakers and practitioners to build their considerations into your research program before you even begin. You will learn how to develop comprehensive research-use strategies and plain language communication products to position your findings for the greatest impact. You will move beyond the “publish or perish” tradition toward fostering the relationships and networks often required to develop cross-sector solutions to complex problems.  And you will begin to see how the feedback gathered from partners will help ensure your research remains relevant over time.

Two-day Workshop

Workshop Topics

  • Identifying and establishing relationships with potential partners who can put your research to best use
  • Creating a research-use strategy
  • Developing plain language communication products
  • Breaking down barriers to collaboration
  • Using feedback effectively


Researchers, academics, knowledge brokers or anyone involved in research they hope will influence the direction of policy and practice in their respective field (health science, social science, environmental science, etc.)


Social Media and Government Employees

The use of social media is transforming the way the public accesses goods and services.  The effective use of social media carries the promise of making public services better and more inclusive.  With this promise also comes a significant change in public expectations with regard to levels of transparency and speed in the delivery of public services.  This transformation also brings with it potential risks and hazards not normally encountered with traditional communications methods.

This workshop is an introduction to social media in the public service. You will learn about the origin and growth of social media. You will be provided with examples of how social media is being used in public services in a range of countries.  You will learn to develop social media strategies for your work environment that are effective in providing feedback to improve services. Lessons learned from the use of social media will demonstrate how not to use social media, including how to avoid common mistakes and hazards. Finally, you will be introduced to emerging trends in social media that may further transform public expectations of services.

One Day Workshop

Workshop Topics

  • What is social media and how is it being used in providing public services.
  • Developing and implementing an effective social media strategy.
  • Lessons learned or how not to use social media.
  • Emerging trends that are further changing the delivery of public services.


Public service Directors, Managers and mid-level program and policy public servants who need to better understand how social media is changing their work environments. Federal, Provincial/Territorial, and Municipal public service employees will benefit from participation in this workshop.


Peter is also in discussions with the Centre to develop other knowledge translation and mobilization workshops, with the purpose of creating a strong portfolio of workshops as part of an emerging knowledge mobilization program at the University of Ottawa.

Your suggestions and recommendations are most welcome.