K* Scholarships: 2017 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum

PDF: 2017 Kstar Scholarship Guidelines

WORD: 2017 Kstar Scholarship Guidelines

K* (K star) is the collective term for the set of functions and processes at the various interfaces between knowledge, practice, and policy. K* improves the ways in which knowledge is shared and applied; improving processes already in place to bring about more effective and sustainable change.”

There is a wide variety of terms used to depict and describe knowledge sharing activities. Terms such as knowledge brokering, knowledge translation, knowledge exchange and knowledge mobilization are all used extensively, but the different terminology has hidden the fact that the actual functions they describe are all systemically related to each other.

K* was coined as an overarching concept and as a useful shorthand to describe the various aforementioned terms along with others used within and amongst the knowledge-focused community. K* also represents a framework to think about K* functions and processes, allowing one to see how the diverse range of K* functions, processes, practitioners fits within the landscape of knowledge to optimize knowledge sharing.

To access the K* Concept paper and case studies and/or the Executive Summary go to http://inweh.unu.edu/kstar.

Call for Applications

Applications for up to eight K* scholarships are now being solicited from Canadian research trainees and early career professionals who are attending the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum. Preference will be given to individuals presenting a poster or oral presentation. These scholarships, valued at $500 each, will be used to help offset the costs of travel, accommodations and registration. Each K* scholarship recipient will be expected to write for the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization’s blog about their presentation at the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum.

Total value: The value of each scholarship is $500.

Eligibility: To be eligible you must be:

  • A graduate student (Masters and PhD) actively enrolled in a Canadian university graduate program at a Canadian university or allied research institution
  • A post-doctoral fellows at a Canadian university or allied research institution
  • A Senior (4th year) undergraduate students from exclusively undergraduate universities
  • An early-career professional (younger than age 35 as of the date of the conference) at a Canadian non-academic organization

Use of Funds: Funds will be used to reimburse applicants for travel (transportation including taxis) and accommodations (including hotel and meals). For more details on allowable expenses please see York University’s travel and expense reimbursement guidelines, section 6, Eligible Expense Criteria. Registration for the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum is also an eligible expense for reimbursement and a number of lowest-cost registrations are being reserved for scholarship-holders. In the event a K* scholar is attending the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum in his/her own city and/or expenses of travel, accommodations and registration is less than $500 then the remaining portion (total expenses – $500) will be paid from Cloverleaf Foundation funds as an honorarium paid to the K* scholarship recipient.

Application Package: An application for the K* scholarship includes all of the following four components. Incomplete packages will not be considered eligible.

  1. If applicable, the applicant’s submission to the call for content for the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum
  2. A 2 page request letter (Times Roman 12 point font, .75 inch margins) providing the following:
    1. How the proposed poster, oral or paper submission meets the goals of the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum. If the applicant is not presenting a poster or paper describe how the applicant’s presence will enhance the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum.
    2. the applicant’s career aspirations
    3. how the applicant will use the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum to advance these career aspirations
  3. A maximum 2 page letter of support from the applicant’s work or thesis supervisor (Times Roman 12 point font, .75 inch margins) describing: 1) the applicant’s contributions to knowledge mobilization research and learning and/or practice; 2) the quality of the applicant and the applicant’s scholarship/work; 3) his/her contributions to leadership in research, learning and student/professional life.
  4. Signed Acknowledgement and Release form (Appendix A) including agreement that the applicant will acknowledge the K* scholarship in scholarly publications and other dissemination opportunities (such as blogs, videos) produced in part from the presentation at the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum.

Applications will be reviewed by the Planning Committee of the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum. A member of the Cloverleaf Foundation may join the committee in an observer capacity.

Please send a scanned and signed pdf of the complete application package to peter@knowledgemobilization.net

Deadline for applications is 430 pm Eastern on March 15, 2017. Please submit with your submission for content (if applicable). Information about submitting content for presentation at CKF17 may be found at http://www.knowledgemobilization.net/2017-call-content-canadian-knowledge-mobilization-forum/.



About the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum:

The Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum was founded in 2012 by Knowledge Mobilization Works to support a growing international community in knowledge mobilization. The success of the event and input from a broad range of people led to the creation and crowd funding of the non-profit Institute for Knowledge Mobilization – who is now the host and organizer of the Forum.

Whether we call what we do knowledge mobilization, knowledge transfer, dissemination, implementation science, or by the shorthand of K*- our work is gaining in both influence and demand.  There are now significantly more professional training programs today and social media streams are filled with discussions and conversations about emerging practice and new methods for creating value from knowledge.  Although KMb has seen significant growth over the past decade, the need to comprehensively and systematically address key questions as they evolve and change is growing.

By continuing to assemble practitioners, researchers, students, administrators, thought leaders, and others engaged in the art and science of knowledge mobilization, we can create: better practice; better policy and supports; more effective monitoring and evaluation systems; enhanced training processes; improved employment and job classification policies; more efficient implementation procedures; and further innovation, all with an ultimate goal of greater value for society.  The Forum is organized as an opportunity to share what you know and to push the current boundaries of what we do as KMb professionals. This event provides access to some of the best minds and most creative practitioners in the field.

About the Partners

Cloverleaf Foundation

The Cloverleaf Foundation is a small family foundation chartered in 1989 to allow generations of family members to work together to make a difference. The Foundation played a catalytic role bringing together the partners in the K* scholarships.


ResearchImpact-RéseauImpactRecherche (RIR) is Canada’s knowledge mobilization network. RIR is a pan-Canadian network of universities committed to maximizing the impact of academic research for the social, economic, environmental and health benefits of Canadians. RIR members achieve this mandate by investing in knowledge mobilization, supporting collaborations for research and learning and connecting research beyond the bounds of academia. Each member university brings unique strengths to the RIR network.

Canadian Water Network:

Canadian Water Network is a highly sought after mobilizer of multidisciplinary water research and knowledge from across Canada. Its mission is to nurture national partnerships that mobilize multidisciplinary research excellence, catalyzing innovation that provides practical, implementable solutions to complex water resource management issues.

Institute for Knowledge Mobilization:

The Institute for Knowledge Mobilization is a non-profit organization focused on: education, learning and capacity development on issues of knowledge mobilization; collaboration and community engagement; applied research and policy support; and evaluation and monitoring. Our Vision is linked to achieving the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Articles 26 and 27.

United Nations University Institute for Water Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH):

UNU-INWEH is part of the United Nations University and contributes to the resolution of the Global Water Crisis through a unique programme of applied research and education. It conceives, develops and manages water initiatives that help developing countries build their capacity for lasting improvements in human and ecosystem health, and overall reduction in poverty. UNU-INWEH convened the K* (K-Star) Conference in 2012.

Appendix A: Acknowledgement and Release Form

Please sign and return with your application to the K* Scholarship – Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum.

I hereby grant permission to ResearchImpact-RéseauImpactRecherche, the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization and Cloverleaf Foundation (hereinafter known as “Partners”) and their representatives to take photographs or videos of me and/or my poster/presentation and to make recordings of my voice. I further grant to the Partners and their representatives the right to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast and distribute these images and recordings in any media now known or later developed for promoting, publicizing or explaining the Partners and its activities and for administrative, educational or research purposes.

Photographs, video images and voice recordings are the property of the organization creating them.

I agree to write a summary (maximum 800 words) of my experience at the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum and grant the Partners permission to post on their respective web sites and social media channels.

I also agree to acknowledge ResearchImpact-RéseauImpactRecherche, the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization and Cloverleaf Foundation in any future peer reviewed, non-peer reviewed and on line publications of the work presented at the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum.

This does not constitute a transfer of ownership of any intellectual property rights.



Print Name_____________________________________________________



Signature_____________________________ Date_____________________



I hereby grant permission to the Partners to use my name with these images and recordings.




Signature_____________________________ Date_____________________


Privacy: York University is the lead institution for RIR. Personal information including images and recordings in connection with this form is collected under the authority of The York University Act, 1965 and will be used for promoting, publicizing or explaining York University and the Partners and its activities and for administrative, educational or research purposes. Personal information may be disclosed to outside service providers for processing and production. If you have any questions about the collection of personal information by York University, please contact: Information and Privacy Coordinator, York University, Ross N945, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3, tel. 416-736-2100 Ext. 20359, email info.privacy@yorku.ca.