2011 has been a busy and brilliant year.  Thank you to all who engaged us in consulting to improve your knowledge mobilization capacity, engaged us to deliver customized learning events or attended one of our workshops.

As a recap, here is a little of what we did this year:


  • HRSDC – Human Resources and Social Development Canada
  • WSPS – Workplace Safety and Prevention Services
  • ONF – Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation
  • SEDI – Social and Enterprise Development Initiatives
  • RHI – Rick Hansen Institute
  • UW – University of Winnipeg
  • ETJ – E.T. Jackson & Associate
  • CU – Carleton University
  • PHAC – Public Health Agency of Canada
  • YU – York University
  • CRA – Canada Revenue Agency
Customized Workshops
  • CSPS – Canada School of the Public Service
  • CSC – Correctional Services Canada
  • EC – Environment Canada
  • PHAC – Public Health Agency of Canada
  • UQAM – L’Université du Québec à Montréal
Developed or adapted by Knowledge Mobilization Works
  • Social Media and Public Services (in English and French) at the Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Ottawa
  • Translating Research into Policy and Practice (in English and French) at the Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Ottawa
  • Learning Tactics Inventory
  • Decision Making Inventory
  • Knowledge Brokering: creating links between people and knowledge (in Ottawa and Toronto)
  • Designing a Knowledge Mobilization Strategy (in Ottawa and Toronto)
  • Welcomed new Associates: David Venn, Bonnie Zink
  • Welcomed new Executives: Gray Daniels, Jim McLellan
  • Welcomed new Advisors: Ray Deonandan, Daryl Rock
  • Engaged in a joint initiative (ongoing) with ItSticks
  • Launched the Ottawa Chapter of the KTECoP – Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Community of Practice
  • Launched the annual Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum – CKMBF2012
  • Launched the annual Mobilizer 100 Survey
  • Launched the monthly Mobilizer Newsletter
  • Launched Associates SME – Subject Matter Experts Initiative
  • Launched the Knowledge Mobilization Quarterly Intensive Retreat
  • VP, Gray Daniels wins 2nd prize for a sustainability app proposal at the Climate Change and Constructive Entrepreneurship Fourth Annual Global Forum, hosted at the World Bank Headquarters, Washington D.C
  • CEO, Peter Levesque joined the Board of Directors of CSC – Curriculum Services Canada
  • CEO, Peter Levesque joined the Advisory Council of the IPinCH – Intellectual Property in Cultural Heritage project
  • CEO, Peter Levesque participated in CIHR – Canadian Institutes of Health Research review committee
  • Provided meeting space for the First Aid by Paramedics and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society
  • CEO, Peter Levesque, facilitated at the Connecting Water Resources 2011: Responding to the Opportunities Conference, Ottawa
  • CEO, Peter Levesque, keynote speaker at the Semaine de la mobilisation des connaissances at the INRS – Institut national de la recherche scientifique
  • CEO, Peter Levesque, participated in the Worldviews Conference on Media & Higher Education Introductory Event: Kickstarting the Conversation
  • Continued collecting Knowledge Broker Stories
We are very excited about 2012 and look forward to a thrilling ride.
All the best to you from us at Knowledge Mobilization Works!
Peter Levesque
President & CEO