David Yetman (http://www.stickyideas.org/) and Peter Levesque (http://www.knowledgemobilization.net/) have been talking about launching the process of creating an international organization for knowledge mobilization professionals for several months.  To keep things simple, we have been calling it “Knowledge Mobilization International”.

We think that it is time to bring people together, to share our practices across sectors, and to learn and apply this learning to those places where we each focus our energies.  The image that comes to mind is the sine wave – a wave pattern that occurs often in nature, including ocean waves, sound waves, and light waves.

We each have a rhythm as we go through our professional lives.  Sometimes the peaks are spectacular. Sometimes the valleys are deep and lonely.  I think that a professional community that we can draw from and contribute to, can improve both the development of knowledge mobilization as a field of practice and the quality of the work that we each do with our clients, in our institutions and in our communities.

The draft vision is: Knowledge mobilization professionals are recognized as an integral part of creating value and benefits from the knowledge production and implementation cycles across sectors of societies internationally – in fulfillment of making access to knowledge a human right.

The draft mission is: To link knowledge mobilization professionals to each other. To support their learning and professional development. To create and sustain venues for ongoing exchange of these professionals and locales where their skills are needed.  To recognize and reward the highest standards to knowledge mobilization practice across sectors.

In the first phase of development, Knowledge Mobilization International, will seek to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Provide an online home for knowledge mobilization professionals to assemble and learn from each other and complementary resources.
  2. Provide regular meetings to bring people face to face to create communities of practice for intellectual and practice development.
  3. Identify existing resources and encourage the building of new professional development resources to support apprenticeship, personal mastery, and advancement of knowledge mobilization as a professional practice.
  4. Build a dynamic group of members who contribute to and draw from the collective knowledge of the profession.
  5. Recognize and reward superior knowledge mobilization practices.

Your thoughts and input are most welcome.  Please comment below.

A discussion of this initiative will also be part of the following events:

5th Living Knowledge Conference in Bonn, Germany, May 10-12, 2012

Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum in Ottawa June 19-20, 2012