Ottawa Membership Form

The Ontario Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Community of Practice has been active in Toronto since January 2005.  The KTECoP is a network of KTE practitioners and researchers who share KTE practices and experience, build peer relationships for information exchange and support, build KTE capacity, advance knowledge of KTE effectiveness, and share KTE events, job opportunities and other related KTE activities.

As an Ottawa-based member of the coordinating committee, I am pleased to announce that an Ottawa Chapter of the community of practice is being established.  We will continue to use the website as the main electronic method of sharing information and experience, however we will now have a local venue to get together face-to-face to build on our collective experience and knowledge.

If you are interested in joining this growing community, please register at & fill out this quick Google form.  This information will allow us to plan events and opportunities that are directly related to your needs and professional learning goals.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you want more information.

Peter Levesque,

Director, Knowledge Mobilization Works

Member, Coordinating Committee of the Ontario Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Community of Practice.