Photo of Susan HardieSusan L. Hardie, PhD, MSW, B.Ed., HB.Sc.

Susan L. Hardie is the Executive Director of the Canadian Centre on Disability Studies (CCDS), and Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University (SFU) Faculty of Health Sciences. She has worked for over three decades in various capacities (i.e. policy analyst, senior researcher, educator, service provider, advocate, community organizer), in her grassroots community, provincially/territorially, nationally and internationally, in the cross-disability field inclusive of mental health.

She became aware of the importance of community-based, collective action, and associated system change, as a national community organizer in mental health. This system knowledge complemented by graduate studies in community, clinical and policy work, enabled her to refine her personal/professional skills and knowledge, and re-enter the workforce as a senior researcher and policy analyst as one of the Mental Health Commission of Canada Strategy Team members responsible for writing first mental health strategy in Canada (2012) – all with an intersectional, inclusive and capabilities lens informed by reflexive practice.

Both her professional and life experiences have significantly refined her skills, knowledge and intuition to engage, maintain and sustain relationships, networks and issue-specific collaborations with a vision of realizing inclusive communities, and more broadly society, for ALL in Canada and abroad.

Susan will share some key insights on collaboration in her current role with the CCDS, and examine how these essential skills, knowledge, and practices align with dialogical themes associated with knowledge mobilization. In conclusion, she will discuss the opportunity of the new Federal Accessibility Legislation in Canada (to be announced 2017) and discuss emerging opportunities to collaborate to affect systemic and society change through inclusive knowledge mobilization.