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Translating Research into Policy and Practice – The Next Level

Knowledge translation and transfer are complex and abstract. It can be difficult to know if you are getting the outcome you want and even more difficult to quantify results and evaluate the success of your strategies. Building on Translating Research into Policy and Practice – An Introduction, this workshop presents advanced techniques to help you implement, evaluate, and enhance knowledge transfer and exchange strategies.

Gaining new and deeper insights into your knowledge environment, you will learn ways to become more effective at knowledge transfer. You will expand your understanding of multiple audiences, the role of engagement and feedback, the growth of networks and communities of practice and the importance of communication. You will explore in detail different scenarios of knowledge transfer: internal transfer of knowledge within organization, transfer between organizations in the same sector, and transfer to external sectors. You will come away with tools and techniques to enhance your practice and apply effective monitoring and evaluation methods.


Two-day Workshop

Workshop Topics

  • Knowledge environments
  • Multiple Knowledge Translation practice levels
  • Knowledge Translation Tools and Methods
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Knowledge Translation


Knowledge brokers, Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Specialists, Managers of Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Units, Implementation Specialists, Researchers, Research Managers, Communications Specialists and Managers