Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum

Canadian Human for Rights Museum

June 10 -12, 2018 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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The Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum was founded in 2012 by Knowledge Mobilization Works – a consulting company founded by Peter Norman Levesque – to support a growing international community in knowledge mobilization. The success of the event and input from a broad range of people led to the creation and crowd funding of the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization – who is now the host and organizer of the Forum.

Whether we call what we do knowledge mobilization, knowledge transfer, dissemination, implementation science, or by the shorthand of K*- our work is gaining in both influence and demand.  There are now significantly more professional training programs today and soHorizontal_Logo_Colourcial media streams are filled with discussions and conversations about emerging practice and new methods for creating value from knowledge.  Although KMb has seen significant growth over the past decade, the need to comprehensively and systematically address key questions as they evolve and change is growing.

By continuing to assemble practitioners, researchers, students, administrators, thought leaders, and others engaged in the art and science of knowledge mobilization, we can create: better practice; better policy and supports; more effective monitoring and evaluation systems; enhanced training processes; improved employment and job classification policies; more efficient implementation procedures; and further innovation, all with an ultimate goal of greater value for society.  The Forum is organized as an opportunity to share what you know and to push the current boundaries of what we do as KMb professionals. This event provides access to some of the best minds and most creative practitioners in the field.

2017 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, Ottawa-Gatineau, May 17 & 18, with Unconference Program, May 16

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2016 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, Toronto, June 28 & 29

2016 Report:

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2015 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, Montreal, May 14 & 15

2015 Participant Evaluations: Participant Evaluation – #CKF15 – Évaluation par les participants – Google Forms

Working Document: Report of 2015 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum:

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2014 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, Saskatoon, June 9 & 10

2014 Report: 2014 Report_Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum

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2013 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, Mississauga, June 3 & 4

2013 Report: 2013 Report_Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum

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2012 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum, Ottawa, June 19 & 20

2012 Report:

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