Learning Opportunities

Centre for Continuing Education University of OttawaThe Institute for Knowledge Mobilization has a strategic partnership with the University of Ottawa Centre for Continuing Education to offer a portfolio of learning opportunities.

Certificate in Knowledge Management

The Certificate in Knowledge Management Program at the University of Ottawa Centre for Continuing Education, designed and delivered in conjunction with the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization, is crafted to address the need for consistency and quality of training in knowledge management. With the sharp focus on real-world application that our training is known for, the program delivers insights into the current state of the knowledge environment and teaches cutting-edge practices for knowledge management. You will learn from acclaimed trainers who are practicing experts in the field. After completing the program, you will hold a certificate to demonstrate your knowledge.

For more information, contact:

Centre for Continuing Education, University of Ottawa, 55 Laurier Avenue East, 12th Floor, Ottawa ON K1N 6N5

phone: 613-562-5802
fax: 613-562-5947
e-mail: continue@uOttawa.ca


Strategic Thinking

La pensée stratégique

Advanced Strategic Thinking

La pensée stratégique avancée

Decision Making: A Systematic Approach

La prise de décision : une approche systématique

Social Media and Public Services – An Introduction

Les médias sociaux et les services publics : une introduction

Critical Thinking: Effective exploration of alternative solutions

La pensée critique : l’exploration efficace de solutions de rechange

Translating Research into Policy and Practice – An Introduction

Translating Research into Policy and Practice – The Next Level

Implementing a Social Media Strategy and Measuring Results

Mise en œuvre et évaluation d’une stratégie médias sociaux

Applied Strategic Planning

La planification stratégique appliquée

Client Service Excellence

Service d’excellence à la clientèle

Knowledge Management: Monitoring and Evaluation Methods

Gestion des connaissances : contrôle et méthodes d’évaluation

Additional workshops are offered by the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization on demand

  • Knowledge Brokering: creating links between people and knowledge
  • Designing a Knowledge Mobilization Strategy
  • Communities of practice: creating, managing, sustaining
  • Data Visualization: Helping you to see what your data wants you to know
  • Decision Making: Understanding your personal style
  • Learning: Understanding your personal style
  • Social Network Analysis:  Applications in Community and Public Health
  • Crowd Funding: Using the Power of the Crowd to Fund Your Projects

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your needs.