It is our privilege to announce that Norbert Steinhaus of the Bonn Science Shop, Germany has become the first member of the International Advisory Council of the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization.

NorbertNorbert Steinhaus holds a masters degree in Agriculture. Joined the Bonn Science Shop in 1988, and became a Science Shop board member in 1990. For more than 12 years he has co-operated in international projects on training and mentoring Science Shops (TRAMS), citizen participation in science and technology (CIPAST) or Public Engagement in Research and Researchers Engaging with Society (PERARES) and coordinated an educational European project for primary schools and kindergartens, and SOUFFLEARNING, a project for the transfer of innovation in training staff of SMEs. Since the end of 2007 he is the coordinator and international contact point of LIVING KNOWLEDGE, the international Science Shop network. Future activities will focus on a European co-operation for the development of tools and trainings for Responsible Research and Innovation.

We look forward to working with Norbert to help make the world a better place!