CKF15 BannerThe Sponsorship Prospectus of the 2015 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum:  Creativity as Practice: Mobilizing Diverse Ways of Thinking is now available in English. The French version will be posted shortly.

PDF – English: Sponsoring Prospectus CKF15

WORD – English: Sponsoring Prospectus CKF15


Creativity as Practice: Mobilizing Diverse Ways of Thinking

The Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum was created in 2012 as a professional development forum for practitioners and professionals working in knowledge mobilization across fields and sectors.

It has become recognized as a premiere learning and networking event in Canada – friendly, open, limited in size, and creative.  Events have been held in Ottawa (2012), Mississauga (2013), Saskatoon (2014), and the 2015 Forum is to be hosted in Montreal.

The theme for 2015 is: Creativity as Practice – Mobilizing Diverse Ways of Thinking

This theme will build on previous events but also push the thinking and engagement of the knowledge mobilization community further.  Rather than being hosted in a single hotel venue, the 2015 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum will travel between five venues in the city of Montréal.  This will allow for discovery and exploration of ideas and the creation of unique experiences for participants.

By pushing the boundaries of language, culture, communication patterns, and venue locations, the 2015 Forum will provide participants with a unique learning opportunity, create new relationships, and provide access to new tools and resources.  The goal is to avoid the normal pattern of conferences – lots of ideas and people but no follow through post event.  The “floating” venue of the 2015 Forum in Montreal will remind participants that knowledge mobilization is a “contact sport” where the work often happens at the intersection of boundaries and norms.

The objectives are:

·      Advance our understanding of the creativity as a necessary part of knowledge mobilization practice

·      Build capacity for knowledge mobilization and continual improvement

·      Learn about work in other sectors to enable partnerships and collaboration

·      Engage with leaders to influence future directions

·      Meet the next generation of leaders and create opportunities to mentor and coach

·      Access the latest tools, techniques and opportunities.