Still a few spaces available for the workshop on December 6-7, 2012

Translating Research into Policy and Practice – The Next Level

This workshop builds on the Introduction to Translating Research into Policy and Practice and presents advanced techniques for implementation, evaluation, and enhancement of knowledge transfer and exchange strategies.

It is for participants who have already taken the Introduction workshop or who have been involved in knowledge mobilization and management operations within their organization.

The complex nature of knowledge translation and transfer makes it difficult to know when you are achieving the results desired. This workshop examines advanced techniques for knowledge translation methods as well as measuring, evaluating, and sustaining effective knowledge transfer and exchange practices.

Participants will gain: a deeper understanding of their knowledge environment including understanding multiple audiences, the role of engagement and feedback, the growth of networks and communities of practice, communication methods, and ongoing professional development; they will engage in detailed explorations of internal transfer within organizations, between organizations in the same sector, and in sectors external to their core activities; they will access tools and techniques to enhance their practice, and; gain a deeper understanding of effective monitoring and evaluation methods and practices.

The Instructor is Peter Levesque